same old blog—better tools

It’s been an interesting 24 hours, but I’ve managed to transition from my previous iBlog-based blog to this one, using Granted, I would have had much more flexibility had I gone with, set up PHP, etc. on my computer. And perhaps I’ll get to that one of these days. But for now, this is on balance, far better than what I was using before. As mentioned on the old site, iBlog 1.x hasn’t been updated in ages, and the prospects of a 2.0 release were pretty dim. So it was a good time to switch over. The old blog will still be on my .mac server, since it continues to get a lot of hits (why this is the case, continues to elude me). But this will be the site moving forward. Please feel free to link to it in your blogroll, and let me know what you think in the comments!