i’ve joined the iPhone generation

Along with opting for the new MacBook Pro, I had a choice at my new job with regard to smartphones. I’ve used a BlackBerry for several years now and while they have their quirks, appreciate the smart way it handles e-mail, the ability to access a clipboard for copying, cutting and pasting text, and its inclusion of autotext (I’m addicted to having abbreviations autoexpand to save me on typing things out in their entirety). My last BlackBerry was great in terms of downloading various applications, such as a NewsGator mobile client for RSS feeds and a Twitter client.

Everything I just mentioned is not currently possible with an iPhone, so why did I opt for one over a BlackBerry? Aside from the fact that my daughter Arielle would have killed for passing up an iPhone, I thought the iPhone long-term is just a better smartphone. And I think I’m correct. Surfing the Web is a much nicer experience on an iPhone than on a BlackBerry. It also has a camera, which most BlackBerries don’t, and syncs very well with my MacBook Pro. I did manage to keep my BlackBerry in sync before, but only by using third-party software and it was quirky at times. I have all my bookmarks handy, as well as my iPhoto libraries, MP3 files, etc. In fact, the only thing that I haven’t been able to sync are my Entourage notes, since the iPhone uses a different Notes system that doesn’t sync with Entourage.

At the same time, there is room for improvement. Aside from the obvious things like slow Web speeds when using AT&T’s EDGE network (which is what I used on the BlackBerry, but since many Web sites were optimized for the device, it didn’t seem as slow), I miss having autotext and clipboard functions. And it would be great to be able to have RSS and Twitter clients—hopefully that will be remedied soon with the SDK. I also wish I could be typing this blog on the iPhone rather than my MBP, but it turns out that the iPhone doesn’t seem to want to recognize the text field I’m typing in as a text field, which is weird since the iPhone’s browser is essentially the same one I’m using right now on my laptop.

Despite a few shortcomings, I’m sold on the iPhone, and am even wondering why I put up with a BlackBerry for four years or so.