IS1: status

Just finished getting all the notes of an old work of mine (improvisational study no. 1: shingon mándaras) into Finale 2008. There’s still a lot of work to do with some notational details and getting a MP3 up (thanks to some bugs and limitations of Finale, I’ll have to either make a copy of the Finale file just to tweak it for playback purposes or else dump the MIDI file into Reason and work on it there). But the notes are all there at least. Having never played the entire thing through on my own, start to finish, it’s been a mystery since I finished the piece in December, 1982 as to how long it is. I now have a better idea—it clocks in around 2h 1min with Finale’s human playback off, and most of the fermatas not playing back. So in real world performance, I’d suspect it more or less ties textbook: music of solitary landscapes in hyperspace (piece for IPS), which clocks in around 2h 8 min. Anyway, I’m going to finalize the score and generate a MP3 in the coming weeks, so it should be up on the music page soon.

Just noticed—for probably 2-3 years I thought I had titled that other piece ”textbook: music of descending landscapes in hyperspace (piece for IPS),“ and that’s even how it’s titled on Steve Layton’s site where he has his own great realization of the score. My bad. Now I’m going to ruminate all night on which is a better title for textbook. ”Solitary“ or ”Descending?“ I’m probably going to stick with the original, but I wish I could figure out what made me suddenly call it ”… music of descending landscapes…?“ Then again, I’m not sure I understand why I titled it so strangely in the first place.

Anyway, an earlier just-as-long piano work (improvisational study no. 1) is close to being posted on the site. Maybe I’ll screw up that piece’s name as well in the coming weeks…