totally awesome—the IMSLP is back online!

I’m not sure how I missed this, but I just happened to be looking at my blog stats a few minutes ago and was amazed to see several that originated from the newly arisen International Music Score Library Project. This is incredible news. Last year, I posted all of my scores to that site so that any crazy folks out there could download them (in addition, of course, to the crazies who’ve already downloaded my scores and mp3’s from my own site). I’m now going to go back and add more recent stuff if it isn’t already there.

If you weren’t aware, the IMSLP is a free site that enables people to upload works in the public domain (or music like mine, for which the composer could care less about mundane matters like royalties and intellectual property protection beyond what’s covered in a Creative Commons license). It’s a great treasure trove of scores, although it’s been painfully lacking in new music for some time, The nice thing for me is that, besides being able to access scores I didn’t already have by composers like Satie and Ives, the IMSLP provides a way for more people to access my music. I’d love for them all to be getting my music from my own site, but the IMSLP serves as a poor man’s mirror site for my scores.

It’s been well documented, but some time ago the IMSLP site went down in the middle of a copyright infringement dispute with a major publisher. Rather than continue fighting or simply taking down the “offending” scores, the site owner decided to bail entirely. That was a shame, and a loss for the music community, so I’m glad that it is now back as of June 29th. 

Unfortunately for so many innocent souls, my scores are still up there.

And yes, I’m getting a bunch of hits from people curious enough to check out my music page after seeing one or more of my scores on the IMSLP site. Obviously there are many people out there with no musical taste, or perhaps with defective acoustic nerves.😎