where no geek has gone before

OK, that’s a bit much, but it does kind of describe my feeling right now as I’m updating my iPhone to version 2.0 in advance of the official release tomorrow. The link for the direct download (which requires iTunes 7.7) along with instructions is already well detailed. But suffice it to say that one always wonders if something will go wrong when using software that isn’t officially released yet by Apple. 

So far, the update has gone very well. Some things that one should know:


  • The software will prepare the iPhone in a process that takes a few minutes. Be patient.
  • At one point, the iPhone screen displayed a restore screen. That’s to be expected. Be patient.
  • Before updating, whether using the unofficial way mentioned above or using an iTunes-based download and install process beginning tomorrow, back up the iPhone and also take off as many audio files and other things occupying a lot of space. You can add it back later, but it will make the restore process much faster.
  • The installer download is 255 MB. Did I mention, “be patient?”

But when you’re done, after about a half-hour or so (depending on how long it takes to download the updater and how much of a backup and restore needs to be done after updating), you’ll have this: