problem with Firefox?

Yesterday I made two minor changes to both the music page and the “about this music” page using Dreamweaver. Nothing complicated, and nothing that hasn’t been done before to these pages. They display perfectly fine using Safari and even my old version of IE 5. But under FireFox, each of these two pages are being interpreted as either a Web application (the music page) or as a binary (the “about” page). I have no idea if this is a DreamWeaver issue or an Apple iDisk issue (since these pages are served from my iDisk, and we all know how screwed up Apple’s servers have been lately). The HTML code generated by DreamWeaver looks fine, and again, the changes were minor text additions, that’s it. I suspect it’s an iDisk issue, but only with these two pages that were edited yesterday. My unedited pages load fine in Firefox. Oh, and I doubt it’s a Firefox issue. 

I’m investigating, but am truly stumped. I’ve already heard from one person who found the same behavior when going to my music page, and I can bet that he was using Firefox. Hoping to get this issue fixed, but I need to understand what the cause is before doing that. Sorry for any inconvenience to those trying to access my music using Firefox. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d be most appreciative if you post them to the comments.

UPDATE: I suspect the issue may have something to do with the fact that I used the online MobileMe uploader for both files after adding in the new text with DreamWeaver. The files now load perfectly on Firefox after I went ahead and used PathFinder to open up my iDisk (I could have used the Finder as well, but like PF better in many ways), and then opened up the files on the server using TextWrangler. I just saved the files as themselves, overwriting the file on the server and that took care of the problem. Somehow I think the upload process on the Web corrupted whatever server-side processing is needed to have the file recognized as a pure HTML file rather than as a binary. No idea why the issue only manifests itself when the pages are loaded in Firefox, but I’m at least glad it’s fixed. For now, I’m going back to using just TextWrangler for any minor text edits, since I don’t know that the issue wasn’t with how DreamWeaver saved the files (although that’s easy enough to test), and not using the relatively fast Web-based iDisk for uploads of HTML pages.

UPDATE 2: Yup, it’s the online MobileMe upload process, not Dreamweaver. Now, if I could just find a decent way to inform Apple of their bug…