living without a computer

I’m spending the week on vacation with the family down at Bethany Beach, DE. We’ve been coming here for years, and I always have a laptop with me. Until now. I decided to go without my MacBook Pro and get by with an iPhone alone. That’s how I’m typing this blog post.

To be sure, it is much faster and more accurate to type on a computer than on an iPhone. Going without a computer takes some adjusting. While our apt has wifi, it’s very patchy and speed is variable. AT&T’s coverage is terrible down here. Surfing the Web takes patience, and not all sites work as well with Safari on the iPhone as they do on a “real” computer. The iPhone also lacks a keychain, so having to remember and type in a lot of passwords is a pain. Some things will simply have to wait until I’m home.

I’m using the WordPress app to write this. The Web tool doesn’t work except in HTML view, so this is definitely nice. But limited. There’s no way to embed links with the app itself (for that, I have to tweak the code using WordPress on the Web). Image placement is also more limited.

Still, with some patience and creative approaches, one can have almost decent functionality this way. But I can’t wait to be back to normal.