<10′ for open instrumentation

I managed to get together a short work over the past month that came out of an improvisation. The piece is called <10′ because it is just under 10 minutes (somewhere around 9 minutes, to be more precise) and I couldn’t come up with any other title. I kept it as an open instrumentation work, although I think of it to a large degree as a work for 2-3 violins (or 2 violins plus 1 viola) along with 1-2 contrabassi and an electric bass (in the audio file I did with Reason, the electric bass part starts at the last eighth note of measure 121). It could also be done with an electronic organ. Or if some wind/brass players can circular breathe, that would be feasible as well.

As an aside, I originally tried outputting an audio file using Finale 2009’s included Garritan Personal Orchestra instruments. That was a losing option—for reasons I can’t understand, Finale’s playback was inserting all sorts of audible accents on some repeated eighth notes. I could get rid of some of these by copying and pasting individual notes that weren’t being accented, but it was a losing battle. So I dumped it into Reason as a MIDI file, and no accents were present. Finale’s playback continues to drive me nuts, as I typically have to spend far more time dealing with playback than notation. I get it, it’s a notation program first and foremost. But why it continually inserts unexpected glitches into playback is something I have yet to understand. 

Anyway, this is a short piece for me, but in all honesty, some of my pieces are indeed not that long. I’ve written at least a few pieces that didn’t last an hour or more. Honest. The MP3 and score are all up on the music page. If there’s interest, I’d be happy to post the (final) MIDI file as well as an audio file of the original improvisation to compare the rough draft with the final.