brilliant comment

Just read this here (scroll down a bit from the top of that page to read this and other comments):

It hurts to think how stupid the average Republican voter is in this country. That anyone in this country can countenance McCain’s pick for VP for even a micro-second shows how full this country is of dumbsh*ts. A red-neck, young-earth-believer, rapture-ready hockey-mom with virtually no experience and the GOP is going gah-gah over her? Republicans have nearly destroyed this country over the last 8 years, but they won’t be happy until they’ve finished the job with McCain/Palin. Good God, I’m just speechless. God help us all.


The original article by Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, which is very much worth reading, is here.

We’re so totally wicked hosed if Obama/Biden lose. Seriously. And we thought W wore his religion on his sleeve? We ain’t seen nothing yet.