what’s up with this?

I’m starting to feel as if Apple’s banked a lot of unreliability hours, due to its general reliability over the years, and they’re spending these hours all at once since the iPhone 2.0/MobileMe debacle a few weeks ago. The good news is iPhone 2.1 is working great for me, as is OS 10.5.5. On the other hand, I have not re-enabled MobileMe push synchronization except for e-mail (and push e-mail was down for a bit a few days ago), and when I downloaded iTunes 8, it kept freezing from the get go due to some issues with processing my album art. I finally turned off the processing of art and it works well, except that the main new feature, Genius playlists, just doesn’t work with my collection.

Anyway, hoping Apple is done spending its unreliability hours and gets back to the reliability I’m used to. Or are they confusing themselves with HP or Dell all of a sudden?