earthscape: google earth-like app for the iPhone

I have an RSS feed I follow for new and updated iPhone apps, and I just noticed a new app called Earthscape that is free for a limited time and does much of the same stuff that Google Earth does. Obviously it doesn’t have the wealth of features that Google Earth does, but for a quick satellite view that can also be angled very easily, it works great (at least on a WiFi connection; on EDGE YMMV). Above is a screenshot. That’s our home in Wyncote, PA in the middle, just across from the nursing home and the Presbyterian Church. One interesting Wyncote tidbit: the poet Ezra Pound used to live on the street in the upper right.

Some other nice iPhone apps ‘ve found recently, in addition to the large number I’ve already accumulated (all free so far—I have yet to buy anything):

  • Medical Calculator
  • Air Sharing (sets up your iPhone as a shared volume over WiFi, so you can transfer documents to the iPhone, including Office and iWork formats; no editing, though)
  • WhiteNoise (I use this on the red eye back from the West Coast, since it’s nice to drown out the airplane noise with sounds from the beach)
  • Constitution and Declaration (I keep the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence on my iPhone so that I’ll know the instant the right wing further erodes my civil liberties)
  • Space Invaders
  • Cube Runner
  • Hangman
  • Tris
  • Cross Light