some short thoughts

Haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately—even my Twitter posts have been fewer—but here’s something to keep things going, until I have a bit more time.

  • I love it when I get those e-mails “_____ is now following you on Twitter!”  How they find me, or why anyone is even marginally interested in what I’m twittering about, eludes me. But whatever. If people want to follow me on Twitter, good for them. I only follow a relative few people myself, mostly friends, which gives me a good way to keep up with them despite everyone’s busy schedules. That said, I was taken aback tonight when someone decided to follow me out of the blue, and it turned out that that person is a vehement anti-Obama person. As in, the person blogs against Obama. I’m all for free speech, used to be on the board of the Philadelphia ACLU, etc. But who I allow to read my usually frequent twitter micropostings is not subject to the First Amendment—if you’re someone I know is offensively right-wing, I’m not letting you into my circle of twitter friends. Sorry, but I’m the decider here.
  • Did another incremental backup to DVD of my iTunes library. That makes DVD #13. And growing.
  • Downloaded the new Google Earth app for my iPhone. It is probably better than Earthscape, but I’m keeping both on my phone for now. Not that I use either that much.
  • Going to the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists meeting in Vegas on Wednesday. It was in Vegas two years ago, and will be back in Vegas two years from now. Nothing personal, since it’s a great meeting and I love schmoozing with colleagues and old friends, but why does the AAGL do Vegas every other year? Given how many folks are coming from the EU, Vegas is far less convenient than DC (last year’s venue) or even Chicago. I think everyone should experience Vegas, though. Once. And that’s probably enough.
  • Going to start writing a requested piece for saxophone quartet. Someday.
  • Canvassed last weekend for the Obama campaign and was interviewed by Ira Glass of the NPR program This American Life. Way cool. Not sure if it’s ending up on the cutting room floor or not. Truthfully, my wife Debbie has done, and continues to do, much more for the campaign than I have been, and I felt funny that I got interviewed when she didn’t. I’m glad she did get to be on Linda Wertheimer’s program on NPR in April, however.
  • Can’t wait to vote next Tuesday. Looking forward to receiving my one dozen oatcakes from Uncommon Grounds in Halifax, Nova Scotia from a good friend up there. That’s assuming I win my bet that Obama wins. Otherwise, I have to send him some cheesesteaks from Philadelphia (he’s liberal, but can’t believe that us folks in the US of A would be wise enough to elect Obama over a white person). I think I’d be able to deliver them in person, though, since if Obama loses, I might be relocating to our neighbors up north…