I’ve been blogging much more of late on politics than on new music and other things, but this election is really important.

No surprise here: I totally endorse Obama/BIden. The McCain of 2000 would have made this a tough choice. But McCain has proven to be a tool of George Bush. McCain reversed his principled stance on torture, supporting the Bush Administration’s idiotic belief that waterboarding doesn’t constitute torture and therefore can be applied to detainees. McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was pandering at best, extremely dangerous and divisive judgement at worst. The tone of McCain’s campaign was the worst I’ve ever seen, and at one point even McCain seemed to realize he’d created a monster out of control. The last time I saw such blatant racism out in front was, maybe, the 60’s. I’m not saying McCain is racist; I don’t believe that at all. But I do think a lot of the core Conservatives out there who are coming to the McCain/Palin rallies are very racist.

I think most folks who read this blog (all five of you) are keenly aware of how important this election is. It’s like the lettering on any auto transmission: if you choose D you go forward, R takes you backwards. i don’t want to go back to the same crap we’ve just been through for the past eight years. Some people don’t think that McCain’s administration will be another Bush administration. The reality is that McCain’s policies are very close, and often identical, to those of the failed Bush Administration. Indeed, Palin and many other McCain campaign officials can’t come up with any ways that McCain would be different from Bush whenever they get asked that by reporters.

So please vote tomorrow. It’s not just a right, but a responsibility. And for those few people I’ve come across who remain unregistered and refuse to vote at all, don’t bitch when the government does something you disagree with.

What remains to be seen is how much disenfranchisement will occur. We need to have some form of automatic voter registration, so that voter suppression will no longer be a tool of the right wing.