Haven’t blogged in a bit, although I’ve been posting stuff on Twitter a lot. That’s because Twitter is short, and it’s easy for mr to do from my iPhone. I’m blogging now on my iPhone, but that’s more laborious than blogging on my MacBook Pro, and I can yet insert hyperlinks or images (hope you’re reading this, WordPress team).

So here are some quck thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Starting to think about a sax quartet that someone requested online. Every time I finish a piece, I worry that I’m never going to have any new ideas and won’t be able to write again. So far that hasn’t happened in about 30 years, but I still worry.
  • Listening to a lot of indie rock lately, particularly Santogold. Very interesting harmonies, and she went to a Quaker school not far from my kids’ Quaker school, so what’s not to like?
  • Travelling a good deal for work, more than usual. But I’m home now, which helps. Love the job, though, which makes up for the travel hassles. After screwing up massively over the summer, it seems to me that US Airways is doing better in terms of being on time. Hope they keep it up.
  • Going to write my alumni magazine—they ran an article on Obama (he taught in the Law School and Michelle works at the Medical Center, albeit on a leave of absence), and some folks wrote letters trashing Obama worse than anything my former classmate David Brooks has written (we’re both Class of ’83—he rarely spoke in school so who knew he was a conservative?). Sorry, but I doubt folks are writing in to Hahvard Magazine bitching about Obama. Hell, they’re probably claiming him as a native son for having attended their law school. So what’s up with the U of C’s readership lately? Just declined to donate to my alma mater because it seems to be getting a rep as a conservative institution. And I let the nice third-year student who solicited me know why I’m passing on my chance to donate this year, so maybe it will get someone’s attention. Or maybe not. I thought I graduated from a place that used to be considered a hotbed of communism during the 1950’s. Ever since Milton Friedman and his “Chicago School of Economics” trashed the University’s liberal reputation, it’s never been the same, I guess. But I’d like to think there’s still hope for the place. I’m still smarting, though, over how some folks in Ob/Gyn treated abortion like a pariah procedure when I was a med student there. Please tell me it’s gotten better since then. I still remember one leading surgery professor who taught us that anything short of an extended radical mastectomy for breast cancer was malpractice. Nice…
  • And a note to my iPhone: please stop autocorrecting every time I write “bitching.” I’m really not trying to write “botching.” Honest.
  • A quick fact from my daughter: did you know that 81% of statistics are made up?