it was a good five years

While I rarely use my 60 GB, 4th-generation iPod these days (my 16 GB iPhone is what I take with me, generally), it’s been around since 2003 and has seen a lot of use. Over the past year and a half, it has had intermittent issues where it would just die in the middle of a song or wouldn’t restart. If I tapped it enough times or the sunspots were favorable, it worked again just fine. It was never a matter of lacking charge, and given the audible clicks when it was failing to start up, I suspected either a hard drive issue or some power management problem. Regardless, it has worked well over the past year during those times when I would use it, although I always knew that there was a chance it would crap out on me again.

Well, it crapped out for good. I couldn’t restore it, or even mount it in iTunes, so I figured a good postmortem was appropriate. My medical opinion is that it had a crashed hard drive. And of course, it would cost too much to fix, and since I use the Flash-based iPhone anyway, there’s not much need for a replacement. Another reason why Flash drives are better than mechanical hard drives, although the former are of course much more expensive.

Anyway, here are the last photos. Very sad—the ROM still can start up, but obviously it shows an error image when it gets to the point where the hard drive would spin up. It was a great friend for five years, and a significant improvement over my previous iPod, the second-generation 10 GB model (which, interestingly, still works although it can’t hold a charge to save its life). Were I religious, I suppose I could say kaddish for it.