new theme

As much as I’ve liked the WordPress theme for this blog, I just decided to mix it up. What you’re now looking at is a new theme with what I imagine contains a lot of AJAX code (asynchronous javascript and xml) that permits a good deal of interactivity. Note the keyboard shortcuts and the ability to have all comments visible for all posts. I also think the resemblance to twitter is quite intentional. Let me know in the comments if you like it or not. I’m already not liking the limitations of composing in this template:

  • no bulleted text
  • no way to add images or categories. Or links (WTF? Isn’t that one of the big features of blog entries?)
  • lack of control over the title and permalink

So how did I just add in these bullets (and add a category and tweak the permalink)? By going into the WordPress dashboard and doing it all in the code editor. Which is exactly what this template is supposed to obviate. Sigh…I’m going to give this template a chance, but if I find it cumbersome, I’m going back to the old one. I think this template is great if you don’t do much more than what you do with twitter. But I use twitter when I want to microblog. This blog isn’t a microblog. Can you tell I’m conflicted?