virtual music

picture-6I decided to keep my trusty M-Audio portable 88-key MIDI controller in its box back in the office while I’m out here in the Bay Area this week, so I’ve been doing some work on two new (and brief) synthesizer improvisations in Reason 4.0.1. I’ve finally figured out how to add measures to sequencer data I’ve inputted previously using the keyboard, so that I could make some minor tweaks to the improvisations. I’m thinking that these will not be notated conventionally nor intended for acoustic instruments; for a change, I’m going to leave these as essentially electronic pieces. I suppose I could post the Reason or MIDI files, and might do that.

Anyway, the first piece found its way into my last work  zichron, but started life as a synthesizer improvisation, and that’s how it will end up. The second piece I improvised last week on my Ensoniq synth back home in Wyncote and am tweaking now in Palo Alto so that hopefully it will be ready for JC Combs’ great ImprovFriday event on twitter/facebook/ later this week.