new digital album for free download: this piece intentionally left blank

Thanks to JC Combs, I learned about Bandcamp, a free site that enables musicians to create and distribute their own digital albums. I’ve wanted to release some of my own albums for awhile, in essence aggregating some of the audio files I already distribute for free on my music page. In particular, I wanted to get a compendium of some of the different realizations that exist of the piece I wrote in 2006 called this piece intentionally left blank. It’s an open instrumentation piece, and could be performed by any keyboard or any group of instruments. Paul Bailey did an outstanding realization with his group the Diverse Instrument Ensemble at UC Fullerton back in 2007, not long after the work had been composed. It’s only 10 minutes or so, and most of it consists of repeated eighth notes, but some folks seem to like it, so I thought it was worthy of an album. Plus it was written for my friend Kel Smith, who also deserves a shout out.

Anyway, the entire album downloads pretty fast and can be downloaded in pretty much whatever audio format you want-compressed, uncompressed, it’s all there. Here’s the link.