to blog, or not to blog. that is the question.

Whether tis nobler…oh the hell with it.

I’ve been seriously debating just giving up this blog entirely, or at least just abandon it while letting it sit on the Web. I’ve been writing it for several years now, but in these days of microblogging via twitter et al, I’ve been reserving this blog for things that just don’t fit neatly into 140 characters or less. But the interesting reality is that, as messy as life is, most things really can be condensed to quick thoughts. Sometimes, as in the case of Pascal’s Pensees, these aphorisms contain a lot of detailed meeting (“He lives on the other side of the water” generally implies Pascal’s questioning of why murder is illegal yet soldiers can kill folks just because they’re on the other side of the water). But much of twitter is pretty meaningless and vapid.

Nonetheless, it’s gotten harder to find time to write worthwhile stuff. I mean, I don’t want to bore anyone to death. So I’m still debating, and hope to have a decision soon. In any case, work is busy, which is good, I’m writing a piano piece that I’m intending for three pianists for whom I have a great deal of admiration (Alessandra Celletti, Stephane Ginsburgh, Louis Goldstein), and have been asked to speak on medical device development for physicians at a conference in the Fall.

I won’t blog about a recent debacle involving a new music forum that imploded-I wrote enough about that in various new music forums and am still detoxing from the snarkiness that ensued. Let’s just say that surprisingly, new music is very political, and at times resembles a contact sport.

One quick comment about the piano work. It’s based on an improvisation I did in 2006, and is tentatively titled quartet. Yes, it’s for solo piano. But it’s written with four individual lines. The piece is somewhat different from a lot of my other music, yet very much the same. It’s extremely quiet (the original improvisation that spawned it was barely audible) and almost static at times. There are only a few different notes played in the first few minutes, so it’s like the opening of zichron in terms of its sparseness. Hopefully Alessandra, Stephane and Louie will like it and might even perform it. Anyway, all three of them are experts at performing quiet, sometimes complex new music, so it should be right up their alleys. Not yet sure how long it will be, but probably somewhere between 10 minutes and three hours is a safe bet.

Still debating about the blog. Let’s see how it all goes and how I feel about it over the next few weeks. Feel free to vote yay or nay in the comments.