iPhone apps that suck

In no particular order…

  • WordPress (no longer saves local drafts, but is supposed to, so you lose your entire blog post unless it’s published immediately)
  • Duke Nukem: great game, terrible controls. Not worth the $0.99 until it’s fixed.
  • Battery Magic: I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to do other than give a rough indication of how much time you have left on your iPhone depending on what you are doing. Not clear that it’s accurate, and it could do so much more, so it’s ultimately disappointing.
  • DOOM II RPG: bad controls, unlike the original DOOM.
  • Echofon for FB: far more limited, buggy, and worse than the pretty good official Facebook app. If it had more features than the official app, then this would be a good thing. But it doesn’t. Strange, since Echofon’s Twitter app is really really good, so their Facebook app is all the more disappointing.
  • Instapaper Free: they so much want you to upgrade to a paid version that the developers won’t even automatically refresh content. C’mon.
  • Talking Spanish: how about “Speaking Spanish” or, more accurately for this app, “Not Much Help with Speaking Spanish?”
  • Wolfenstein 3: bad controls. Bad, bad controls. Only Duke Nukem’s controls are worse.
  • LinkedIn: the Web site is bad enough (too many issues to enumerate here), but the iPhone app does so much less
  • MapQuest 4 Mobile: Fail. Slow to load, inaccurate directions, lags in a big way when displaying your movement. So bad compared to the standard Google Maps app on the iPhone that its lifespan on my iPhone was measured in minutes.
  • Taptu Touch Search: why? Really-why? What does this do, other than show a cool interface, that any other search app does?
  • CardStar:: awesome idea (carry around all your loyalty, reward and club cards on your iPhone for scanning) but rarely works when these are scanned, leaving me to look absolutely ridiculous at the gym or grocery store
  • Action Bowling Free: not worth the price. Too easy-try Wii Sports bowling instead
  • Mosquito Device: buggy (pun intended) in that it just doesn’t work to keep mosquitoes away
  • AT&T My Wireless: Nice concept, but since the last update when you check your data usage the app crashes. So what’s the point of this app, if you can’t check your usage? Based on the comments in the App Store, this is happening nearly universally, so if AT&T can’t or won’t address this quickly, how confident can we be that it will improve its cellular network and finally allow tethering (which was promised, oh, a year ago)? Answer-not confident at all.