four strings for todd reynolds

While I’ve yet to meet Todd in person, I’ve admired his recorded work for a few years and both of us communicate via Twitter. I asked him some time ago if he’d be interested in a new piece for violin and he said “Sure,” indicating a preference for a solo violin work. So I set out to write one, which wasn’t the easiest thing even with my having been a violinist for several years. Solo violin works aren’t always that interesting. Bach ran up against a wall, I think, when he wrote his great Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, because the violin isn’t naturally a contrapuntal instrument. Same thing happened with Bartok. Both got past the violin’s limitations, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

four strings for todd reynolds lasts around 25 minutes, and often makes use of sequences that extend over all four strings, hence the title. Like much of my music, there are repetitive sequences, but all twelve tones are usually involved in sequence, although there is no system involved. The score is here. MP3 is here.