truphone on the iPhone: was working great, now it’s broken

I’ve been using TruPhone on my iPhone for VoIP calls to or from other countries for about two years now. They recently updated it to enable multitasking under iOS 4. Here’s my e-mail I sent just now to TruPhone’s tech support:


After being a TruPhone user from nearly day one and suffering through the early bugs, I was glad that TruPhone was pretty stable and functional for VoIP. I never cared much for the additional twitter support, since if I’m on a WiFi network there’s no issue with using a twitter client. But things were working fine.

Then I updated to 4.0.1.

If I make a call, I have absolutely no indication that the call is even going through until the other person just happens to answer and speak up. I was ready to close TruPhone when nothing happened after tapping on a contact’s phone number when he fortunately just happened to answer. And I also had no way to hang up-the app does multitask, but unless I force-quit TruPhone, it won’t hang up. 

All of this is unacceptable. Please address these bugs. I have a bit over $30 in my TruPhone account and will switch to Skype in a heartbeat if TruPhone is not able to provide the basic functionality many of us need for VoIP calls. No need to add features-please devote your resources to make sure core functionality is not broken. Was this update even tested before releasing it into the wild?

There are a ton of great apps for the iPhone, many of which work great, are regularly updated and so on. Others either are never updated, or break with updating. TruPhone is broken. Judging from all the negative comments on the iTunes App Store right now, I’m not alone. Skype has its issues, certainly, but it’s looking better and better as TruPhone looks worse and worse. Hopefully they’ll get a clue and fix it before a lot of people just give up on them. Like I said, it had been working well, and it’s way cheaper for international calling than what AT&T charges under their $50/month international plan.