my latest list of iPhone apps that suck

In no particular order:

  • WordPress: Yes, this is a WordPress blog, and I’m actually writing this in Safari using the ScribeFire extension, which is very nice. But WordPress on the iPhone has been crappy since day one, and it’s now worse, since if you draft something on your iPhone and hit Save, it’s trashed. That’s right-your blog post that you just wrote is gone, history. The only option, I suppose, is to publish it automatically or else copy the draft into the clipboard. I lost two blog posts this way. And one of them was after WordPress claimed to have fixed the issue. It’s a terrible app: no support for links and now this. Avoid.
  • Wolfenstein 3D: Bad controls, just slightly better than Duke Nukem.
  • NetNewsWire: I gave up. I’m now using RSS Flash g. It’s not perfect (it needs a better way to post on Facebook-if most other apps can do it, surely this can), but it is waayy better than NNW on the iPhone. 
  • LinkedIn: I’m not thrilled with the Web site, which used to be so much more functional. It’s even worse on the iPhone. Pretty much useless. 
  • TruPhone: They recently introduced bugs that made it nearly impossible to place a VoIP call, which is the whole point of the app. It’s better now, but once I’m done with my prepaid allotment, I’m probably switching to Skype. Why TruPhone includes a twitter component but can’t provide better phone calls (which is the entire point of the app, no?) beats me. For a long time they shunned 3G calls, then embraced it, but I’m not clear that it’s inexpensive compared with VoIP calls via WiFi. 
  • Duke Nukem 3D: I read the reviews that said the controls suck, but thought I’d give it a while. My conclusion: the controls suck. It’s pretty much unplayable on the iPhone.