SEPTA is short for idiocy

I take the regional rail line (operated by the Southeastern PA Transportation Authority, or SEPTA) all the time to the airport. I know the schedule pretty well, but do make sure to check for any changes when they issue a new schedule. I just walked to my local train station to buy tickets for Monday and noticed new schedules were out. I was pretty surprised to see that the airport line schedule didn’t give any information for transit between my station and Center City, Philadelphia. I had to ask the sales person behind the station counter what was going on and he confirmed that the trains were unchanged, but that “Septa are idiots.” I have to agree. I just tried to give them feedback on their customer feedback form, but each time I submitted it I got a CGI error (folks are still using CGI rather than ASP? Really?). Anyway, here’s my complaint to them in the hopes that someone from SEPTA will read it. 

I just picked up the new Airport Line regional rail schedule and was very concerned. I travel from Jenkintown to the airport every other week by regional rail and strongly support it. Until now, it was easy to figure out what train to take from Jenkintown to and from the airport. Now, it’s not-the airport schedule only lists trains to and from Center City while the Glenside Combined schedule lists trains and one can only tell if it goes to the airport (and without an arrival time) by looking at the code at the bottom. Worse, there’s no easy way to tell which trains coming back from the airport will stop in Jenkintown. Even the Septa staff member at Jenkintown complained to me that this is an “idiotic move.” And I agree.