In no particular order, here they are: D…

In no particular order, here they are:

  • Double Sextet/2×5 (Reich): I like the 2-3 live performances I heard before the commercial album was released, but this is still good. The live performances, however, were superlative.
  • For Bunita Marcus (Feldman): one of my favorite piano works, performed impeccably by Louis Goldstein
  • Strings, Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, Horn (Morton Feldman/Barbara Monk Feldman): an amazing album of first recordings. It’s all good, especially MF’s Two Instruments from 1958
  • Strumming Music (Palestine): a new release of the previous recording of Strumming Music for piano, but also new releases of the same piece for harpsichord and also for string ensemble. The harpsichord version, while shorter than the classic piano performance, is absolutely amazing. It shows that the harpsichord is actually quite well suited for repetitive music.
  • Autodreamographical Tales (Riley): I’m still not entirely sure what to make of this album, but parts are so good that the entire album merits inclusion in this list
  • In C (Riley, performed live by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble): I have a lot of recordings of In C, and this one took me a little bit to warm up to, but it’s now one of my favorite versions
  • An Hour for Piano (Tom Johnson, performed by R. Andrew Lee): I’m really glad that this piece has seen another recording since the LP by Frederic Rzewski I grew up with in the late 70’s. It’s a classic postminimalist work, and one that is realized anew in this recording.

I’m probably missing a few from this year, but these albums in particular stood out in my mind. I’d add many other albums I acquired this year, but they were technically released prior to 2010. What can I say-I listen to a lot of stuff.