does the verizon iPhone have a push e-mail bug?

Like any good husband, I dutifully ordered my wife a new Verizon iPhone at 3 AM EST when it was available for preordering for US Verizon customers. Fortunately, I was in the UK on business where it was a more tolerable 8 AM, and it only took a few minutes to preorder her iPhone on my iPhone 3GS (unlike Verizon’s iPhone, mine works in the EU). She received it a week later and loves it, except for one glitch: it does not push her .mac e-mail. Not only does it not push e-mail, it seems not to fetch it every 15 minutes, either. I chatted with an Apple rep and we determined it is not an issue with MobileMe. Her iPad gets her e-mail via push just fine, but her iPhone, not so much. Based on a lively discussion forum on Apple Support, a lot of folks are having the same issue. However, someone on the forum met with an Apple Genius and similar issues happened with the original iPhone and got fixed by AT&T in a reasonable period of time. Apple is aware of the issue, apparently, and hopefully this will be resolved soon. But for now, push doesn’t seem to be working for many Verizon iPhones.

UPDATE: I’m told that the issue appears to have been resolved for many users, presumably on Verizon’s end, but not yet for my wife’s iPhone.