wither my iDisk?

From the WWDC keynote today, there was a lot of detail about iCloud. It’s nice that it’s free. And great that it expands a lot of the current functionality of MobileMe. But not so great that, at least from the information presented, one is limited to 5 GB and there is no Web server functionality. Maybe this will change in the fall, when iCloud is released. But as I currently have a 20 GB iDisk, which uses nearly 8 GB for my documents and Web site files, it’s clear that I will have to start thinking about migrating to another Web server. Per Apple’s support document, they are granting continued use of my existing MobileMe account until June 30, 2012. But then, it is all gone. Unless there is something else that wasn’t mentioned today at WWDC, one will not be able to serve Web sites via iCloud.

Presumably, there will be a mechanism by the Fall to migrate up to 5 GB of files + mail (I have 2.2 GB of .mac e-mail) to iCloud. But I am likely to simply purchase a domain and hopefully redirect http://homepage.mac.com/dtoub/dbtmusic.html to that new location. Not the end of the world. But it’s another important lesson. I remember when Steve killed the “free for life” iTools in favor of .mac at $99/year. This was followed by the $99/year MobileMe, which finally wasn’t half bad. Now Steve has killed MobileMe in favor of the free, but lower capacity iCloud. Who knows what will get killed off next time around.