the KS-32 is back from the repair shop

I’ve owned an Ensoniq KS-32 synth workstation since 1991 or so, and other than a logic board replacement about 4-5 years ago (or rather two replacements, since the first cannibalized board that was installed was defective), it’s been fine. However, for a year or two I’ve noticed that the lower octave wasn’t responsive. As in, one would have to slam on the keys to get any sound at all.

Turns out the felt overlying some of the keys was worn. Fortunately, the same guy at Musician’s Electronic Service in Ardmore, PA was able to find some replacement felt and do some other tweaks, so it’s now working fine. I don’t tend to use the KS-32 much anymore since I usually only have time to compose when out on the West Coast, and then only at night. But it’s nice to have this still in good working condition. Ensoniq folded many years ago, which is a shame, since they made good synthesizers. The weighted keyboard action is just like using the real thing.