new music page

With the forthcoming demise in June of my iDisk, which is from where my music page is served, I’ve been struggling with alternatives. One approach of course would be to purchase my own domain and server space. Normally that’s what I would recommend, except over many years this gets to be a fairly pricey option.

On the other hand, this blog is served by WordPress, all for free. So I have started developing a page on which would basically serve the same HTML page that I am currently using for my music. I created a static, non-blog site which will go live soon.

The glitch however was that will not allow me to upload any MP3 files without a space upgrade. It’s somewhat overpriced at $20 a year, so I did look into soundcloud and also Suncloud is great, but very expensive. looked very promising, and I had already uploaded some files there previously. But trying to upload about 2 GB of my music was becoming very onerous. After uploading some files, I would get an error page at the end of the entire process telling me that there is a file naming problem. This happened too many times, and without any pattern, as some files uploaded perfectly fine. So out went the free option, and I purchased the space upgrade from Why would have preferred my music files to exist on a free site that is not dependent on yearly subscription fees, I think this will work just fine.

On another note, I recently wrote a piece for solo contrabass at the request of the contrabassist Ryan McMasters. I’m hoping to launch the new site soon and have that piece up as well.

The existing new music site will probably be replaced with a page that redirects visitors to the new site on And that redirect well of course go away at the end of June. The iDisk has served me pretty well, and I am sorry to see it go. I am now using SugarSync for my offsite file backup needs, and even with the $20 a year wordpress fee, this is still no more expensive than what I was paying for .Mac every year.