piece for contrabass (2011)

I was contacted last week by the contrabassist Ryan McMasters, who recently graduated with a masters from the Hartt College of Music and is now active in the Pittsburgh area. He noticed some of my works on the IMSLP site and asked if I might write him something for solo contrabass that he would perform and record next year. I got on it, despite a really full plate at home and at work, and wrote something in around four days that I think works pretty well. It is largely made up of whole notes followed by a quarter rest, although the middle section is more rhythmic (and played pizzicato and col legno throughout, rather than arco). It lasts longer than I would have thought, since I hadn’t been working on anything suitable for a contrabass piece. I did, however, manage to improvise something on December 17, and that formed the basis of the finished work.

The score is here.

The mp3 (generated with Finale 2012) is here.

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