flute loops (trio for flute) (2014)

On the same day that I started the piece for ruth first, I came up with a short piano improvisation for future use. I had first thought to take at least part of it and develop it into a piano work, but my daughter Arielle asked me for a short solo flute work for her graduation recital. I thought about a solo flute work, but before even trying anything, I didn’t have a good sense that it would have worked out. But the idea of a multitracked solo flute work (flute with prerecorded parts) was appealing. A loop from that piano improvisation seemed to work best, rather than other portions, and I developed it into a work for solo flute against two looped measures (the two measures coming from the piano improvisation, with the bass line transposed three octaves higher). The work was originally titled solo for flutes, then trio for flute, but as it was a work that consisted entirely of loops, I thought flute loops (trio for flute) worked best.

The piece is fairly free in that it may be taken as fast or as slow as one wants, within the constraint of quarter = 78-96 bpm. Originally I took it at the upper limit, but that seemed almost too fast, so I gave some leeway. The average duration is around 10′, but depends upon how many repetitions each measure gets (after the usual one measure of silence, each measure is repeated at least four times, until the final measure of silence).

The score is here. The audio file is here.