philip glass marathon concert

Several years ago, I wrote a really long string quartet called for philip glass. It’s never been performed, but one of my favorite sections occurs around 37 minutes from the end (the whole thing is around two hours, which is actually short by the standards of folks like Feldman or La Monte Young). I arranged that section for piano at the behest of pianist Nicolas Horvath, who often does these really long, marathon-like concerts of minimalist music and who last year premiered my piece for four in France.

Well, Nicolas is premiering for philip glass in its piano version at a Glass marathon in Paris on Friday, April 11. That should be a really neat concert, with over 90 works in addition to the piano music of Philip Glass. Quite a superhuman feat!

This will be the third time he has performed a work of mine (he’s already done one twice; that’s the first time I’ve had a piece performed more than once) and with Stephane Ginsburgh’s concert in Bruxelles in June, I’ll have had as many live performances in Europe as I’ve had here in the US. It’s getting there.