iOS 8 bugs that really irk me

I’m running iOS 8.1.2. In no particular order:

• Calendar appointments display in GMT
• WiFi usually doesn’t see some routers unless I enter the router name, and then it usually forgets the password
• Why can’t the OS be smart enough to choose the best connection rather than default to the last-used router, which might be barely a dot in terms of strength?
• I can still make my iPad 4 crash by swiping through several apps with four fingers
• Multitasking gestures stop working entirely on my iPad after it wakes up unless I swipe up to open the control center
• Music I didn’t intentionally sync appears on my iPhone. This isn’t an iCloud issue in general, but a syncing issue from my computer’s iTunes.
• Sometimes, music that was ostensibly synced, really wasn’t, and the track plays for a split-second then disappears
• Settings is a mess. Where things reside seems almost stochastic at times.
• Would it kill someone to actually order apps in Notifications by alphabetical order?

These aren’t all the bugs, of course, or even all of the most annoying ones. But it’s a start. I know that Apple is working to fix the GMT issue, but it sure would be nice for them to deal with at least some of these others. And don’t get me started on the bugs in 10.10.