biggest iOS and OS X gripes

In no particular order…

iOS 9.3:

  • For all versions of iOS, when one changes the volume, the speaker image on the screen lingers for 1-2 seconds and totally obscures much of the display. A better approach would be to have a linear image appear at the top of the screen (above most of the display) depicting the volume, much like disc capacity is represented in Disk Utility, iTunes, etc.
  • Geofenced reminders often don’t trigger until the second time one gets to a destination. If Maps knows I’m home, why doesn’t Reminders?
  • Mail has come a long way (I always return to it every time I try another Mail replacement, like Outlook, CloudMagic, Spark, etc). But wouldn’t it be nice if like those alternative email clients, one could schedule specific emails to appear at a later date?
  • Need to be able to finally remove stock Apple apps that are of no relevance to the user
  • It would be much easier to use Play Next and other features of Music if it responded to 3D Touch or a swipe gesture. Trying to click the tiny ellipsis (…) to the right of a track is not easy.
  • One still cannot search the Reading List in Safari in iOS, even though one can do so on OS X (and one can search the browser history in iOS).


OS 10.11.4:

  • Calendar still has a horrible design. Does one scroll up or to the right? Is it even clear which month one is viewing? Just bad.
  • After invoking a search and then clicking the x to remove the search term, why am I taken back to Inbox rather than the last viewed mailbox (eg, Sent, etc)?
  • Why do Message notifications not end up in Notifications?
  • Speaking of Notifications, why do I have to click on either Today or Notifications when in iOS I can swipe between them? Seems like that should be a unified approach, no?
  • I like having multiple desktops, but unlike iOS, why can’t I swipe between app windows (rather than desktops)? If I close one app, it doesn’t take me to the last used app, but to an adjacent window. That seems odd.
  • The fact that I have to use great shareware tools like Bartender and BetterTouchTool for things that one would assume would have been built into the OS says a lot
  • Preview constantly opens with the sidebar open, no matter how my preferences are set
  • As Kirk McElhearn astutely noted, there is no way to set a global font preference for Notes